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Powerful, cost effective systems built for you

We are specialists in Cloud hosting, customization and deployment. Whatever features you need to build or support, or systems you want to integrate with, we can provide Cloud expertise to get it done.

Kubernetes Solutions

Kubernetes uses flexible containers deployed through the cloud to efficiently and securely manage huge volumes of data and transactions. If you need to handle massive workloads our Kubernetes Consultants can help.

Online, On-location and Central London courses

Online, on-location training throughout the UK as well as Central London workshops. Learn how to build production grade Kubernetes clusters. Training is delivered by our expert Kubernetes engineers with a high level of hands-on learning and low-level interaction.

Saving time and money as you go

Our extensive infrastructure experience enables us to help you optimise your web operations. Through benchmarking, refinement and training we work constantly with your business to improve performance, availability and costs.

Our clients

At LiveWyer we know that different businesses have very different requirements. Why not get in touch with us and we can discuss your company's needs?

Web agencies

Bootstrapping your idea from inception to success

We have supported numerous startups through planning, development and rapid growth. Our DevOps methodology means we understand your goals and work as one team with you to get the best out of your resources.

More time and more money for those who need it most

We are proud to support charities working in the UK and worldwide. Our charity rates and extensive experience with campaign-based infrastructures mean we can offer you cost efficiency without sacrificing performance.

Get ready to go global

Your product is implemented and it works. What next? We help you to optimise and scale up your infrastructure by identifying and eliminating bottlenecks and making efficient use of your systems.

Concentrate on doing your best work

Let your teams focus on design, development and content and stop worrying about capacity, security and IT failures. We understand flexible agency operations and we can support builds and long-term projects on a flexible contract basis.

"LiveWyer was able to understand and implement our requirements with ease, building a customised deployment process which fits directly into our business."

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